Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Every Woman Should...

            When my mom and her friend were in their twenties, they made a list of things they thought every woman should be able to do. I want to share most of the things on their list, as well as a few of my additions. I think it’s a good list for any woman to use, or to use as inspiration for your own list.

My mom’s list:

every woman should...

  • know how to use a stick shift and a plunger
  • understand the difference between "don't tell a soul" and "don't tell a soul I mean it"
  • know her mind but can change it
  • have protection handy, but not too handy
  • use special china and special underwear for no special reason
  • over commit
  • come through
  • refuse to do it again
  • do it again
  • have better things to do
  • set boundaries
  • go camping
  • grow something
  • dance crazy all alone
  • stare at a phone
  • get dressed in five minutes
  • be a princess and get over it
  • believe in perfection and get over it
  • read
  • flirt
  • shock
  • listen
  • sing
  • thank God
  • be single and like it… a lot
  • raise a child or not
  • see a wrinkle and be reminded of her youth, not her age

My additions:

Every woman should…

  • be able to say no and mean it
  • know when to say yes
  • find a friend to laugh with
  • be an encouraging and supportive friend
  • date at least one jerk
  • be with the right one
  • fall in love with someone or something (dream, place, etc.)
  • go somewhere new
  • eat her weight in chocolate when needed
  • not care about calories
  • exercise and live healthy
  • go out in sweats and bun and not care
  • get dressed up because she feels like it
  • look in the mirror and find something beautiful

            More importantly, every woman should have her own list. It’s too easy to go through life and get swept up by it instead of actually living it. There is a whole lifetime for children, marriage, relationship problems, and bills. Those things are a given for most people, but it’s important to spend some time on you and what you want. Write it down, because most goals written actually happen. Then go out and live like the woman you want to be.

My mami, Leticia Miramontes, and her friend, Rose Chavez

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  1. feel ok about being uncertain
    feel ok about being afraid
    understand pain is temporary
    know who to call
    make weird friends
    cry her eyes out and then laugh until she cries